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Do you want to be a better performer and establish yourself in this field?

We offer 1 to 1 and Group Online Webcam Live lessons with the Masters and the seasoned Professionals in the piano scene around the world.

Our Current Masters

Why these mentors?

  • Accomplished Musicians

    They are ACCOMPLISHED musicians who have toured/performed extensively and/or worked with notable musicians in their field.

  • Provide Real Help

    These are professionals who have carved their own niches in this field and who PRIDE THEMSELVES in being dedicated musicians and their valuable experience will provide you with REAL HELP in live performances, auditions and studio recordings.

  • Guide, motivate and inspire

    As mentors, they are patient, open-minded, and passionate about both guitar/piano and teaching and with this much they have understood and learned about the instrument, surely, they can guide, motivate and inspire you to achieve much more!

Each mentor has his/her own UNIQUE way of harnessing student’s strengths. Although their approach and styles may be different from yours, as long as you have the drive to learn, you will be able to reap great benefits with any mentor you choose!

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Why Online Webcam Lessons?

  • Learn from Masters around the world in one day

    Learning can be as SPECIALIZED and THOROUGH as possible, because only with online webcam lessons, is it possible for you to enjoy the mentoring services of top-notch professionals living in different parts of the world within a span of a day.

  • Easy, Convenient, Flexible

    Learning can be as easy, convenient, and as FLEXIBLE as possible because webcam lessons are only a few clicks away and on UMastery, lessons can be booked and taken one at a time.

  • You control what, when and how you want to learn

    Learning can be as creative as possible because you will have control over what you want to learn, when and how you want to learn it.

Why have mentors?

  • Continuous and consistent growth

    With a knowledgeable and experienced mentor at your side showing you how to overcome difficult learning obstacles quickly and effectively, you can experience CONTINUOUS and CONSISTENT intellectual, emotional and musical growth.

  • Achieve tangible results and hit the goal

    Let the mentor(s) help you set specific goals and you will see more TANGIBLE results in terms of technique, musicianship and the experience will provide you with a deeper sense of fulfillment and validation because you know you are doing well not because a friend say so, but because an expert say so!

  • Bolder, Self-Assured, Imaginative

    All great artists have the support of great mentors, so if you want to be a BOLDER, more SELF-ASSURED, IMAGINATIVE artist, you would need to get the right mentor(s) to help you along the way.

We don’t want to see your admirable efforts in learning to go to waste just because you don’t have the right mentor to guide you and give you timely advice. So don’t waste this opportunity to make a change in your life.

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  • A Future filled with Hope

    Ultimately, it is our objective to create for individuals who have the passion and drive to learn the arts, a platform brimming with valuable mentors and lessons. So that, even those who do not have the benefit of living in the heart of the music/arts scene, will be able via UMastery to be raised in the richest and most diverse musical scenes around the world.

  • Opportunities to learn from Mentors around the World

    We hope to provide all individuals the opportunity to learn and perform in the broadest range of the Arts possible, and when they want to explore a certain field in depth, they will be able to do that with great ease and confidence/convenience as the specialists/experts around the world would only be just a few clicks away.

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